A group of us from Manotick Polo Club (the club on Bankfield and Highway 416, in Ottawa) went down to partake in the Cedar Valley Polo Tournament of April 2015. I grabbed some photos from their Fan Page and posted them here so that people who aren’t our Facebook friends (yet) can have a look.

It was a total blast! First we checked into Newmarket Inn, which wasn’t really the right hotel for us, as we soon discovered with the arrival of five police cruisers to arrest a person of interest, in front of us. Then we switch over to Comfort Inn, where we were treated very graciously. Then we rushed over to play polo Friday night. Then had a fancy dinner at Swiss Chalet where, after discovering some garbage in my food, they graciously offered me a free dessert or 10% discount.  We had a few more words and they finally consented to not charging me for the garbage.

Then we played all day saturday, and and had a wonderful dinner hosted by Phil, Tammy, and Corinne. We played half the day on Sunday then had a leisurely drive home where we talked at length how much fun it was, and how glad we are now embarked on a polo agenda that’s fun and full of promise. Many thanks to Phil and Tammy and all the members of CVPC for their hospitality and warm welcome! It was a very fun, relaxed good time.

The thing that I take most note of is that players young and old, male and female can all get together and have a good time. It was competitive and fast play, but everybody was relaxed and interested in having a good time. That’s great polo! I’m convinced that we are onto the perfect sport for anyone to get out, have fun with horses, make new friends, and get fresh air.

Clara and Kathy, intense concentration on throw-in

Jo going in for the kill-shot

Ward chugging along, hoping not to miss the ball